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Designed with accuracy in mind, these tweezer’s slant technology ensures your brows will look immaculate after each use. So go on and pluck in style with our professional-grade stainless steel tweezers.

Professional Grade • Stainless Steel • Made in Italy

Great for removing the toughest of chin hairs, protruding ingrown hairs, and strays. Can also be used to apply individual lashes.


Designed for precision and efficiency, these professional-grade tweezers are great for smaller areas of unwanted hairs, such as brow maintenance, chin, lip hairs, and perhaps the occasional ingrown. With cutting-edge grasp and a firm tension, they are an essential tool for any makeup or brow artist and consumers who understand and respect quality products.

A note from Jodi

When I developed our tweezers, I wanted a professional-grade product manufactured ethically with a luxurious feel made of quality materials. It was important to me that the spring tension was strong and did not lose its bounce over time, and the slant edge must be sharp but not enough to break the skin. I love these because they can remove the toughest of chin hairs, protruding ingrowns and strays, and apply individual lashes.

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— Jodi Shays, Owner & Founder

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Vegan Friendly

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Naturally Sourced

(6 customer reviews)

6 reviews for Tweezers

  1. Portia R.

    I’m a brow artist, and these are the best edges I’ve used. They have great tension, and I also love the matte finish—it feels like my fingers have a better grip. Definitely feel more efficient around the brow area, and clients have even told me these tweezers don’t feel as painful. Awesome for any pro!

  2. Anna T.

    QB Skincare Tweezers are not just the cutest, but are essential to managing all the baby hairs that are so hard to get. Brow fuzz be gone! These are simply the best!

  3. Tracey M.

    I think I was born part billy-goat because I get random hairs on my chin. These tweezers are the only ones that have been able to grab the stubborn really short and coarse hairs on my chin without making me break out!

  4. Joanna R.

    I know I’ll get into trouble with my waxer for saying this, but I do pick out random hairs and ingrown hairs with these tweezers from time to time, but I have to say that they are NOT breaking my hairs or marking my skin. I have a bit more color in my skin, and my old tweezers were causing my pigment to get darker around the area I was picking (or not picking, if I was telling my waxer!!)

  5. Mark P.

    Picked these up for my GF but ended up using them myself. Nice packaging.

  6. Meghan T.

    Best gift ever! The packaging is gorgeous and the tweezers are the best I have ever used. Never thought there was a difference with tweezers until I used these.

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