InStyle Magazine: QB Skincare’s Jodi Shays Talks Random Long Facial Hairs

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In the world of beauty and self-care, precision is key, and there’s no one better to guide us through the art of tweezing away those pesky little hairs than QB Skincare founder Jodi Shays. With 20+ years as an aesthetician, an exceptional eye for detail, and a passion for helping others look and feel their best, Jodi shares her invaluable facial hair tips as she answers the question, “So, What Exactly Causes Random Long Facial Hairs To Grow?,” in this exclusive feature with InStyle Magazine.

“Perhaps the simplest way to remove a single long white facial hair is by tweezing. We recommend Queen Bee Tweezers thanks to their solid grip and high-quality design.”

InStyle Magazine

In the article, Jodi unravels the common causes of rogue facial hair and provides effective solutions to address them. So if you’re ready to take on those lovely long hairs and up your tweezing game, pluck up a pair of QB Skincare Professional Tweezers, then dive into Jodi’s whisker-wisdom by reading the full article on InStyle, and get ready to transform your beauty routine.

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