Teen Skin Care

Teen acne can be very stressful and painful. We can explain how it happens and how you can treat it here click

What is it?:

According to some reports, more than 85% of teenagers have one thing in common, acne!  Clogged pores appear as blackheads and whiteheads on the face, neck, shoulders, chest, backs and upper arms.  

How is it caused:?

It can be hereditary or brought on my bad eating habits, lifestyle and stress.  Teen acne will most likely appear when you hit puberty and there is an increase in hormones. Excess hormones cause oil glands to become overactive, swell up and produce excess oil and where there is an overabundance of oil your pores/hair follicles become blocked with skin cells and voila! acne starts to rear its ugly head.  If you want to nerd out on other causes, there are hundreds of medical journals online that explain more. 

How do you prevent?:

As you are aware, our motto is "Prevention is better than Cure".  

  • Get lots of sleep 
  • Keep your hair off of your face as much as possible. Oils, dead skin cells and hair products can irritate your pores causing small breakouts on the foreheads and cheeks.
  • Limit the amount of dairy you eat. Cows milk contains the androgen hormone, which is the sex hormone in your body that contributes to acne and remember, dairy IS a fat!  Find an alternative to add to your favorite, non-sugary cereal 😉 
  • Sugary foods and drinks won't help either, so limit them and only consume as a treat - you know, like after you've helped your parents with laundry, taken the bins out, tidied your room...... you get the picture!
  • If you partake in sports activities, use Buzz off Bumps pads immediately after an event.  Buzz off Bumps clears away sweat, dirt and bacteria. 
  • Make sure mobile phones are clean. Devices that are held up to the face can irritate skin and deposit harmful bacteria into the pores. Gross! 
  • Wash skin every night before bed making sure you get behind the ears, back of neck and hairline. Finish off with a Buzz off Bumps pad and if needed a gentle moisturizer. 
  • Make sure your pillow case is washed regularly with a friendly detergent that contains no perfumes or irritants.
  • Keep your grubby hands off of your face. There is bacteria lurking underneath your nails and on your skin. 
  • Change out your mask at least twice a day and purchase material that is breathable. 

How do you treat?:

Whilst some doctors prefer to treat with medications and quite honestly there are some cases where medication is the only course, there are some natural ways of treating acne:

  • Balance your gut.  Ask your parents to take you to a reputable registered dietician or nutritionist who can help put you on a better diet. 
  • Use (sparingly!) a benzoyl peroxide based cream for occasional pimples. 
  • Wipe areas susceptible to breakouts everyday with our Buzz off Bumps pads.  They can be used 2 to 3 times a day.  Acne fighting ingredients such as glycolic and salicylic acids keep pores clear of debris and other ingredients keep skin toned, inflammation down, whilst you remain fresh and moisturized. 
  • Stick to a strict regime at night to ensure you go to bed with clean skin. Gentle antibacterial washes are best for acne. Queen Bee’s Anti-Bac Attack can help keep bacteria off of the whole body.  
  • Find a spa that offers teen facials.  At Queen Bee we offer a 45 minute facial that focuses on cleansing, exfoliating with a gentle enzyme peel and safe extractions. 
  • DO NOT PICK ACNE.  Yes, you can spread it around your gorgeous face, create bacterial hell and also cause scarring.

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