Routine is Queen

Well done, you’ve purchased your first pot of Buzz Off Bumps. So what does a routine look like? Let’s make that simple for you with this cheat sheet:

Nighttime Routine - cleanse, exfoliate, treat!

  • Gentle cleanse with preferred cleanser. Second cleanse with a swipe of Buzz Off Bumps which removes excess soap residue and goes deep inside the pore. Use both sides of the saturated pad. 
  • Start with your face, neck, behind ears and back of neck first. Use the textured side for areas you want a deeper exfoliation such as the underarms, elbows and bikini areas. 
  • Swipe bikini lines and bottoms, dry skin on elbows and back of arms. 

Daytime Routine - freshen up!

  • Use as a morning pick me up to rid skin of dead skin cells, sweat and any areas that went bump in the night! 
  • Job got you hot and sweaty? Our Buzz Off Bumps pads are convenient for use anytime, anyplace and anywhere. Great for using at the gym after a workout. 
  • Remove your face mask during the day and swipe with a Buzz Off Bumps pad for removal of sweat that can harbors bacteria.

Waxing and Shaving - prepare, soothe and smooth

  • Immediately before waxing, swipe a Buzz Off Bumps pad over the area to clear skin of dead cells and oils. This enables hairs to be removed from follicles with more ease. 
  • Use as a prep before and after shaving to cleanse skin efficiently for a smoother glide and more refreshing shave. No need for toner. 

The Gentle Buzz Your Skin Needs

Buzz Off Bumps were designed to make your life more simple. You don’t need 5 different products to get one job done, not to mention saving money and counter space. These miracle pads contain everything you need to smooth, remove and improve.